Apple flips off Google, Amazon, on eve of CES 2019

Apple doesn't go to CES. In years past, counter-programming it with iPhone and MacBook Air meant it didn't matter. More recently, it's meant ceding New Year's mind share to the likes of Google and Amazon.

This year, Apple hasn't started going to CES or counter-programming it again, but it has made sure that its shadow is hanging over every other vendor at the show. Literally.

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Clever Apple, playing on the infamous "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas saying".

Of course, many will be quick to point out that iCloud means most things don't stay on iPhone. And installing Google and Facebook apps, incredibly popular both, absolutely means anything done with either won't stay on iPhone.

That said, the point is to drive home that, with Apple, your data stays yours. Apple has no interest in exploiting or absuing it. And given all the scandals and oopsies the big data companies had in 2018, that's an increasingly compelling differentiator.

Rene Ritchie

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