Have the gloves officially come off with Apple demanding Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab's developer remove a mention of Google's Android from their App Store application's description? This does come just days after Steve Jobs fired away claiming Google’s “don’t be evil” motto was “BS”. Coincidence? You tell us.

According to Cult of Mac:

In an email to the developer of “Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab” developer Tim Novikoff, Apple wrote “it would be appropriate to remove ‘Finalist in Google’s Android Developer’s Challenge!’ from the application’s description. Apple wrote that the edit was required to “avoid an interruption in the availability” of the flash card application.

As of this post Novikoff has removed the mention and the app remains available in the App Store. He does have plans to get in touch with Apple to figure out a way to sneak in his top 10 finish in the Android developer contest without ruffling any Apple feathers.

Is it just us or do you think Apple is going just a tad bit too far with this one?