The App Store's 10th anniversary is quickly approaching, and Apple is already getting into the b-day spirit. Today on the company's newsroom blog, it looked back on the App Store's decade-long history, sharing interesting facts and figures and reflecting on the service's 10 whole years of operation.

The piece opens with a small handful of notable individuals sharing their love for the App Store. Among them is Marco Arment, developer of Overcast and longtime iOS developer, who sings the platform's praises — especially when it comes to opening up app development and distribution to talented individuals who may not have had the opportunity otherwise:

Since day one, the App Store has been by far the easiest way for developers to reach the most people with our apps. It eliminated the friction and overhead of setting up our own distribution and payment systems, making development far more accessible to everyone and letting us focus on our true passion: making the best apps we can. Over its 10 years so far, the App Store has developed into the richest, most diverse, and most accessible software ecosystem the world has ever seen.

The post supplements Arment's praise as well, pointing out that before 2008, "the software industry was dominated by a few large companies" and that the App Store "opened the door for any developer, from one person shops to large studios," to build cool, quality apps and deliver them to a huge body of consumers. And huge it is: according to the company, the App Store's consumer base now exceeds 1 billion individuals.

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Apple also delved into how the App Store allowed developers to combine Apple devices' hardware with their software, allowing apps to do more than many had ever dreamed.

The cutting-edge hardware and quickly evolving software from Apple, combined with creative ideas from developers who saw the potential of iPhone being in customers' pockets, spawned new industries that would forever change how people live, work and play — a revolution that continues today.

Start-ups including Instagram, Calm, Uber and Instacart embraced features like the iPhone camera, Apple Pay, GPS and Location Services to deliver on-demand and personalized experiences, with many creating billion dollar businesses that started with apps in the App Store. At the same time, both traditional companies and those that started as websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, eBay, Yelp, Airbnb and Amazon, began building apps to meet changing customer behavior.

In addition the post lauds the App Store's pivotal role in making gaming mainstream, changing the way people pay for software and services (hello, in-app purchases), and opening up more accessible doors to education, creativity, entertainment, AR, and wellness.

To read more about the impact the App Store has had on technology and culture as a whole, I suggest you check out Apple's feature here.

Thoughts? Questions?

So how are you celebrating the App Store's 10th year on Earth? Downloading an app you've been considering for awhile? Browsing suggestions for cool new stuff just waiting to be discovered? Smashing your iPhone into a birthday cake? (Okay, maybe don't do that one.) Share with us in the comments!

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