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What you need to know

  • Apple has told developers of two new tools.
  • They both relate to subscriptions.
  • One notification is being deprecated, too.

Apple has told developers of a couple of new server notifications relating to subscriptions. It also warned that an existing notification type will be deprecated in March 2021.

The two new additions were announced via the Apple developer website. The two new notifications are:

  • DID_RENEW lets you know when a subscriber successfully auto-renews.
  • PRICE_INCREASE_CONSENT lets you know when the App Store starts asking users to agree to your subscription's new price, so you can remind them of your service's value as encouragement to stay subscribed.

However, it appears that the first of the new notifications is replacing one that will be deprecated next year, along with a number of top-level objects.

In addition, the following will be deprecated in production in March 2021: RENEWAL notifications and these top-level objects: latest_receipt, latest_receipt_info, latest_expired_receipt, and latest_expired_receipt_info. Update your code to continue providing a seamless user experience.

Developers looking for more information on subscription server notifications can find it over on the Apple developer site.

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