Apple Gobbling Up NAND Flash Memory Again

According to AppleInsider, Apple is once again leading the way for a worldwide NAND Flash memory shortage... again:


blockquote>"Taiwan-based memory module houses are moving to diversify their NAND flash suppliers to minimize procurement risk, according to industry sources," the report said. "NAND flash supply has reportedly become tighter as major chip producers Samsung Electronics, Toshiba, Micron and Hynix Semiconductor favor demand for Apple devices."

With the release of the iPhone 3GS, new iPod Nano/Touch, and the iTablet device rumored to be released sometime in the first half of 2010 - it's no wonder this current shortage exists. One thing is for sure, the chip producers bend over backwards to make sure Apple gets all of the memory they need and for good reason. Even if it means less for other companies, as long as they keep Apple happy.

IM Staff

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