Apple goes behind the scenes of 'The Song'

There's no denying that Apple caused a few tears to be shed when it released its latest ad, titled "The Song," earlier this week. Today, however, Apple is giving us a little peek at what went into the making of the ad, revealing the tools used to bring together both the new and old.

While Apple highlights a good bit of its own hardware in the ad itself, it turns out that the company had to turn to much older technology to create the record that the girl finds in it. The recording of the girl's grandmother was done by a modern-day singer using a "Voice-O-Graph" at Third Man Records.

Apple takes the opportunity to bridge the gap between old and new by comparing the novelty of the "Voice-O-Graph" in the 30's to the relative ease of recording using GarageBand today — finishing the the heartwarming notion of "it's not the tool, it's the message."

Source: Apple

Dan Thorp-Lancaster
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