Apple granted permission to construct another solar power farm in Claremont

Yesterday it was announced the council of Claremont has entered into a development agreement with Apple, which will see the tech giant build a 100-acre, $55 million power plant, producing 17.5 megawatt of electricity for the company with minimal environmental impact.

Apple aims to have a grading permit submitted for the land by the end of the year, expecting to complete the project within five years of the commencement date, that's if everything goes to plan. The company has invested heavily in renewable energy sources for not only its data centers, but other properties too, including the new campus currently under construction in Cupertino. This new solar farm will join two other installations in the vicinity.

With further infrastructure developments in place, it's unknown as to whether or not Apple will expand the data center itself. Apple will also source 75 new jobs locally, if possible, during construction.

Source: Hickory Record, via: MacRumors

Rich Edmonds