Apple self-driving test vcar

Image credit: The Verge

What you need to know

  • 33 more test drivers added
  • 69 self-driving cars in California
  • 143 certified drivers behind the wheel

Apple has continued to build its self-driving team by adding more certified drivers to man its fleet of test cars in California. Originally reported by macReports (via 9to5Mac), documents from the California Department of Motor Vehicles shows that Apple has hired on 33 more drivers to get behind the wheel of its fleet of 69 self-driving test cars in the state.

This brings the number of drivers manning the fleet to 143 which, while compared to Tesla is still well behind the self-driving test fleets from companies in the business. Waymo has 135 cars and 321 drivers on the road, but the real shocker is GM who runs away with 258 cars and 760 drivers.

Apple has long been expected to enter into the autonomous driving market in some capacity, with rumors of Project Titan going back as far as 2014. Since then, news and rumors have been incredibly vague as to what exactly Project Titan will form into. Apple continues to invest in the area, recently acquiring autonomous driving startup in June and a number of engineers from competitors like Tesla.

It hasn't always been a growth category for Apple, however. Earlier in the year, Apple laid off around 200 employees from the project, saying that the layoffs were due to restructuring. The company, however, has continued to invest hundreds of millions more into self-driving with continued acquisitions and high-level hires. This latest news is just another bread crumb in the long-running saga that is the mystery of Project Titan.