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What you need to know

  • Apple's (RED) partnership has raised more than $220m to help fight AIDS.
  • Apple sells (PRODUCT) Red accessories and devices.
  • It's worked with (RED) for many years now.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that Apple's partnership with (RED) has allowed it to help raise $220 million to help fight AIDS throughout the past 13 years. Apple makes and seels (PRODUCT) Red accessories and devices, including red iPhones, cases, and more.

As of last year Apple had raised $200 million, with that number now having increased by 10%.

The announcement came as part of the annual Word AIDS Day with Apple highlighting the fact on its website.

For 13 years, supporters of our partnership with (RED) have raised more than $220 million in funding for HIV/AIDS programs. Every (PRODUCT)RED purchase gets us closer to ending AIDS. Join the fight.

It's arguable that the (PRODUCT) Red iPhones are the nicest colors available, with red iPhone 11 and iPhone XR colors available right now.

There are absolutely gorgeous red iPhone cases available, too.

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