Rumor: Apple has high-level employees scouting out CES competition

Scott Forstall
Scott Forstall (Image credit: Apple)

Apple has apparently sent a few high-level employees to CES to scout out the competition and see how other companies present future products.

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) famously avoids the biggest event on the tech industry calendar, and given the traffic on Paradise Road this morning you can’t exactly blame them. But that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t scouting the competition in person at CES 2012.

A reporter from PaidContent says he ran into Greg Joswiak, head of iOS product marketing for Apple, who answered a few questions as to why he was there. Apple is interested in learning more about presentation techniques from competitors, including the layout, aesthetics and which products are at the forefront.

Source: Paid Content

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  • Joz is there. Makes sense, as he's the VP of Worldwide iOS Marketing. And about half of all CES floor space is occupied by iOS accessories. But only a lucky few will be sold in Apple Stores.
  • They'd be stupid not to attend the world's greatest geek show...!
  • Games Will Change...
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