Apple Hires Intel's Top Lawyer - Chips, Patents, and Antitrust

Apple announced (opens in new tab) today that Bruce Sewell is joining their executive team as General Counsel & Senior Vice-President, reporting directly to CEO, Steve Jobs.

“We are thrilled to have Bruce join our executive team, and wish Dan a very happy retirement,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “With Bruce’s extensive experience in litigation, securities and intellectual property, we expect this to be a seamless transition.”

So looks like Apple's chipset, patents and IP, and antitrust knowledge-base just got some formidable new muscle...

Rene Ritchie

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  • Slow news day Rene?
    Really. They hired a lawyer. Big deal.
    Does he have experience dealing with damage control for submitting a pack of lies in writing to the FCC or new revelations about insider trading irregularities?
  • @icebike:
    Aren't we all just waiting for a 3.1 jailbreak for the 3Gs? It's like nothing seems really important until that is fixed.
    How about just putting up a sign on the front page reading "Closed awaiting jailbreak" and then going AWOL for a few days until there is something really important to write about?
  • I thought it was BIG news.
  • @eserrano250
    Big news? Really?
    The prior lawyer retired. They HAD TO fill the position. Where's the news value in that?
    This lawyer, hired from Intel, failed to protect Intel from getting 1.45 Billion (with a B) dollar fine from the EU. Major Fail! Sent packing is my guess if you could dig into the internal politics at Intel.
  • I personally find CPU related news interesting, because I'm curious where it's going in the long run. They could have just gotten any lawyer, but they've added another person high up in the chip manufacturing industry.
    As for jailbreak - most people don't do that, nor have any interest in it.
  • @frog:
    Jailbreaking has become a political and consumer issue rather than a technical. I believe Apple should spend its time and money improving the product rather than implementing measures that prevents people from using it the way they want.
    Freedom of speech has become freedom of apparatus through which you speak ;-)
  • @icebike: bored enough to comment on this article? twice? lol