Apple hiring new chip specialists in Israel for research and development

Calcalist reports that Apple is hiring a number of chip experts to fill up their new Isreali research center -- the one aimed at developing new chip configurations that could help power future iPhone and iPad devices.

The company reportedly received “several hundred resumes” for various engineering positions. Specifically, Apple is seeking hardware engineers in chip development with strong emphasis on electrical circuits, analogue and hardware testing and verification.

News that Apple was interested in opening an Israeli research facility first surfaced back in December. Rumor had it they were interested in being in close proximity to the Technion Institute of Technology, an area already home to Intel, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Qualcomm.

According to this new report, Apple's recent acquisition of flash-storage wizards, Anobit has nothing to do with this new research facility. Instead these new specialists will focus on research and development of silicon, chip circuitry and hardware testing/verification.

The new facility should be up and running by the end of February, however it is unlikely we'll see new chip technology from these R&D efforts in the next iPhone or iPad given the lead time required.

Source: via 9to5 Mac

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