Apple bumps up the price of hardware in multiple markets

Apple has increased pricing across several products in numerous markets, all down to the strength of the US dollar. This comes as the company slashed the price of the Apple TV. Spotted by MacRumors, products including the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro are now considerably more pricey in various countries.

The move is to bring in-line pricing with what's listed in the US. Checking the Canada, Australia, France, Denmark, Finland and Portugal (to name but a few) Apple Stores reveal inflated prices. Looking at the Canada Store, the high-end 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro will set you back by $3,049 as opposed to $2,699. In France, the basic MacBook Pro is listed at €2,249, up from €1,999.

The price increments follow Apple's Spring Forward event. Be sure to check out our coverage from yesterday for all the headlines.

Source: MacRumors

Rich Edmonds