Apple Introduces New 27" iMac, MacBook, Mightier Mini, Magic Mouse, Remote

Apple today announced new 21.5" and 27" iMacs, a new line of MacBooks, mightier Mac Minis, and a Magic Mouse (with iPhone-like multi-touch), and new Apple Remote.

  • The new iMacs [PR link] include cinematic 16x9 displays, quad-core option,
  • The new MacBooks [PR link] have plastic unibody construction, 7-hour non-changeable batteries, LED backlights, and glass multi-touch trackpads (basically like the pros but without the aluminum)
  • The new Mac Minis [PR link pending] are now up to 2.66GHz and up to 4GB, and a special version with Snow Leopard Server pre-installed.
  • The Magic Mouse [PR link] is wireless and has a seamless multi-track surface, and laser-tracking engine. Click, swipe, and scroll anywhere.
  • The new Apple Remote is black and aluminum, with a large 4 way (re: Muero in comments -- not sure

More as this develops!

Rene Ritchie

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