Pasbook app for iOS 6

Today at WWDC Apple introduces the Passbook app as part of iOS 6. Passbook is the new way to store airline apps, boarding passes, starbucks app, movie tickets.

Passbook is the easiest way to get all your important tickets and information into one place.

Let's say you want to buy movie tickets via Fandango. Purchase your tickets, and as soon as you get to the theatre - your tickets just pop right up on the screen.

Apple demoed different passes that are available with the new Passbook app including a target card, starbucks card, baseball tickets, app store gift card, boarding passes and more.

Passbook will also work for expres check ins to Hotels as well as coupons for local stores. Get to your destination - and what you need just pops up on the screen.
When you use the coupon or ticket or are ready to delete - the app "shreds" the card for security purposes.