Apple Japan hosting the "Lucky Bag" New Year sale on January 2

Apple has confirmed on its Japanese website that the now annual "Lucky Bag" New Year sale will return for 2014 on January 2. For one day only, Apple will be hosting discounts on products for Japanese customers, but the highlight is the 36,000 Yen Lucky Bag, which will be available again in limited quantities.

There's no telling what will be in each bag, but Apple has been known to throw in some big ticket items such as MacBooks and iPads, as well as smaller items and Apple swag. There's likely to be throngs of people lining up to snag these at Japanese Apple Stores, but for anyone over there who just wants a good deal, the online store will also be participating.

We'll have to wait until January 2 for reports of what lucky Japanese Apple fans pick up in their bags, but if you've ever participated in a previous sale, we'd love to hear what you got in yours!

Source: Apple Japan via 9to5Mac

Richard Devine

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