What didn't we get from Apple during their 2010 special music event? The iPod touch line got an extremely decent refresh, as well as the Nano.   iPhone is getting iOS 4.1 next week with some newly added features and some much needed bug fixes. The iPad will be getting iOS 4.2 - in November, but I'm sure some of us would have liked to see it sooner. And we got an overhauled iTunes. I personally wasn't expecting a whole new iTunes, so that was the surprise of the day for me. AppleTV was pretty underwhelming in my book (as well as Rene's).  Click through to see what us here at TiPb would have liked to see and let us know in the comments what you would have liked that just didn't make the cut this time.


iPhone will be getting iOS 4.1 next week. Along with general bug fixes (proximity issues anyone?), you'll get Game Center and some welcome additions to the camera. I know I wasn't the only staff member excited by the edition of HDR to the camera, but I would have liked to see maybe some contrast and saturation settings added. I've especially noticed it on the iPhone 4, but sometimes pictures in low light settings come out a little too warm (yellow-ish) in my opinion. It would be nice to be able to tweak some settings. Game Center is a welcome addition, but I'm not crazy about the whole carnival-esque layout. I much preferred the original layout from the original 4.0 betas.  I wasn't expecting too much in the way of iPhone.  There were rumors flying around of a new iPhone, but I think we all know better than that around these parts.  Apple is predictable.  As long as their current business model works, I don't see them changing that pattern.


The iPad will have to wait for November for iOS 4.2 - next week would have been nice. Why the hold up? El Jobso really didn't have a lot to say about the iPad at the event. He seemed a bit rushed. Deep down, I was really hoping to hear about a potential iPad refresh, but I figured that wouldn't happen until January or so. Did you guys expect anything iPad wise that you didn't get?

Apple iPod touch - All kinds of fun commercial


As far as iPods go, I really have nothing to complain about. I think the shuffle combines the best of both previous generations now. The Nano now has a touchscreen! It contains everything the previous generations had, but aligns better with its sibling product lines. Chad noticed the absence of video on the Nano. I don't really know if that would both me personally, as I wouldn't want to watch movies or video on that tiny little screen. To me, this is simply Apple positioning themselves in the market. If you want an iPod with video, you'll have to step up to the iPod touch now. Makes good business sense to me. Only peeve I have with the new iPod line at the current moment is the back material on the Touch. For the love of everything Jobs, PLEASE pick a better finish that doesn't scratch when you set it on a pillow? That chrome is just screaming "Scratch me!" How about a frosted material next time guys?

iTunes 10


iTunes 10! This was the one thing I was somewhat excited about today. I don't get too excited about iPods since I have an iPhone, so I really have no need for one. Ping sounds like a good concept, but we'll see if it will catch on. I also like the idea of top 10 lists created by your friends, but you'll also have to be selective about what friends you have on there. I have friends who listen to death metal, and I don't want that in my top 10 suggestions lists. To me, that doesn't sound very intuitive. Some people would have liked to see cloud-based syncing or some version of iTunes in the cloud. We previously speculated that this was why Apple acquired LaLa. Maybe not?  I would have liked to see some more intuitive ways to organize content.  I love coverflow and sometimes even if you group albums the same, you see duplicates in different views.  More than anything, I wanted to see more fine tuned controls.  If anyone sees anything new in iTunes 10 as far as organization I haven't found yet, let us know in the comments.

New Apple TV with Netflix, Streaming, rentals

Apple TV

I pretty much have the same feeling's Rene does on this one, so we'll let him take it from there. But if you'd like to rant or tell us your thoughts, let us know in the comments. Needless to say, I'll probably be getting one. That may sound odd, but I didn't have the first generation, or any generation AppleTV. At $99, I can stream all my movies from my iMac to the TV and stop fiddling with burning DVDs or hooking up an output device. And iTunes rentals are cheaper than rentals from Comcast. I've been waiting to pull the trigger on a new media device for our living room as we've been putting it off forever. I'd still have liked to see a LOT more features than what we got. Anyone else picking one up?

I also would have liked to see an update to MobileMe or something along the lines of adding new features.  Streaming would have been nice or the ability to store books or music wirelessly to your MobileMe iDisk.  Other than that, I didn't expect that many "One more things".

That about wraps it up, let us know all your thoughts in the comments!