Apple launches annual Back to School promotion, doesn't include free iPod touch

If you were one of our many readers waiting for Apple's Back to School promotion to kick off so you could grab a new MacBook or iMac and get a free iPod touch along with it, you're in for some disappointment. Instead of a free iPod touch like last year](/2010/05/27/apple-education-promo-free-ipod-touch/), this year Apple is offering a $100 iTunes gift certificate to cap off your educational purchase.

Sure, that means you can give it right back to Apple when you buy things from the iOS App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Music (and media) Store, and iBookstore, and get some great stuff to put on your shiny new machine, but we can't help but be a little sad that iPod touch isn't getting in on the big promo this year.

Any of you taking advantage of the Back to School event anyway?

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