Apple launches searchable transcripts for WWDC 2016 session videos

If you're an Apple developer, navigating the session videos from WWDC 2016 just got much easier. Apple has made available searchable transcripts for session videos, allowing you to quickly parse the full text of each session and pinpoint exact keywords.

To get started, you can simply head to the "Transcripts" tab under any session video. There' you'll see the full text from the session, with each sentence being linked to a specific timestamp in the video. If you have a specific topic or talking point in mind, simply search for a particular related keyword and you can quickly find the section of the video you're looking for. Simply click on the relevant sentence and you'll be taken to that section of the video.

If you're a developer, or simply just enjoy watching the session videos, you can head over to Apple's WWDC 2016 videos page to check out the transcripts in action.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster