Welcome one and all to the iPhone Blog's Live Meta-Blog for Tuesday, September 9th Apple pre-Holiday Event: Let's Rock.

Well, are you ready to rock, TiPb style? The event is now over, but if you want the full play-by-play coverage of the coverage, along with the unique analysis, color, and insight only the TiPb writing team can provide, check it out in reverse chronological order, after the break:

11:05: Steve: "Thanks, and don't let the lack of really big iPhone news hit you on the Apps on the way out!"

Thanks everyone!

JEREMY: No mention of any hidden features. That is sort of a let down. Dang rumors...

JEREMY: I'd say forget the Touch and go straight to a iPhone. Sure you have a monthly fee but come on... internet, phone, iPod all wrapped into one device? Does it get better? Not really.

CHAD: OMGZ, JJ is singing another song... zzz

Another song! If the event isn't over, that'll kill it right there!

CHAD: There may not be one more thing afterall..

No Boom?

11:00: Steve, a little help? One more thing? Heard of it?

Would anyone buy a Touch now instead of, or in addition to, and iPhone at $199?

What, no John Mayer??

JEREMY: I'm actually very pleased with the sound of this firmware. And Friday? I'll take it.

CHAD: I can't believe Steve spent all of 30 seconds talking about the iPhone. Waiting for "One more thing"....

JEREMY: Again... poor poor Dieter. [For missing this!]

CHAD: Well, that was a disappointing 10 seconds spent on the iPhone, now Steve is talking about the iPod again.

JEREMY: Finally the good stuff! iPhone update this Friday!

Less app crashes, less lost calls, big bug fixes, longer battery life. Available FRIDAY!

10:48:FIRMWARE 2.1!!!

CHAD: Who needs a PSP now, LOL!

8GB: $229. 16GB $299. 32GB: $399. Why still have an 8GB? To get more people on the platform for $40 less?

iPod Touch: 36hrs music, 6hrs. video. Greenpeace please don't hurt us!

JEREMY: Need for Speed... November. Graphics look amazing.

CHAD: Enough game demos Phil... The soccer game does look good though... move along Whoa! Need for Speed Undercover looks hot!

JEREMY: Still on games... Why do they torture us so?

JEREMY: Ok we have all seen Spore, lets move onto the good stuff. iPhone firmware anyone?

Phil's still playing Spore...

Chad's investigating. Pending feature?

JEREMY: Maybe I'm wrong but with the iPod Touch version you can go online? Not a option for iPhone. Makes no sense.

JEREMY: Demo of Spore. Really is a cool game. I have to admit.

Phil Schiller's on stage. Unreleased games. Where's Carmack??!!

Spore Origins. Will it look like Ballmer??

Demo time!

CHAD: NIke+ receiver is built into the Touch. Awesome.

JEREMY: You think the iPhone 3g scratches easily... This iPod looks like it's going to be a lot worse.

700 games on App Store. 100 Million Apps. (How many CrApps? Insert joke here!)

No wireless N yet. Scratch that differentiator...

CHAD: Better release this for the iPhone or Chad smash!

Stronger, better, faster, artwork for albums. Nicer UI

Built in Nike+...

CHAD: Volume control and speaker for the iPod Touch. Good idea! Whoda thunk?

I guess the leaks on the Touch were spot on to. Someone in the iPod division is so going to get Steved!

CHAD: iPod Touch now looks like a silver iPhone. Cool.

Same display, thinner iPod Touch, aluminum...

10:30: iPod Touch!


The button ear-phone, a la iPhone had to happen...

CHAD: Apple in ear headphones for $79? Hmm, k

$149 for 8GB, $199 for 16GB. No $99 for Chad...

CHAD: I was hoping the process would be less... where is my $99 Nano? However, 16GB for $200 isn't too bad

JEREMY: 8 gig Nano's in stock today.

CHAD: holy rainbow of Nano colors batman. What took so long for this?

CHAD: I like the orange

Nano chromatic: More colors than a bag'o'skittles!

BRIAN: D'oh! Stuck in meetings!

Environmentally friendly, but Greenpeace will make them a strawman full of forks anyway...

CHAD: So, 1 model of classic (120GB)...

24hrs music, 4hrs video. Nice.

Nice metaphor. New photo viewing to.

CHAD: Shake to shuffle, cute.

Nano is the most popular iPod, and Apple's bread and butter over the holidays. Makes sense to emphasize it first.

CHAD: Steve Jobs has an 80yo man's hands.

JEREMY: Nano also has voice recorder when it detects a microphone attached.

Calendar, stopwatch, voice rec., Demo time!

CHAD: sideways accelerometer cover flow. cool.

Same footprint as the 1st and 2nd gen Nano.

CHAD: iPod Nano= accelerometer and curved glass, Genius playlists? say it ain't so Steve!

JEREMY: Plus it has a accelerometer.

Nano can has accelerometer... It'll need it!

JEREMY: Kevin Rose finally was right about some stuff. iPod Nano is just like the leaked pics.

Same display, thinnest iPod ever made. Oval shape. Steve's got one in his pocket!

And the worst kept secret at Apple is made all official! Long-boy Nano!

JEREMY: Moving on to iPod talk now...

CHAD: Steve says that iTunes 8 will be free. Really? I mean, since when do we pay for iTunes?

Take that, Ballmer!

CHAD: Microsoft has 2.6% of the portable music player market, ROFL!

JEREMY: iTunes available today!

So iTunes 8 wraps up Pandora/Last.fm functionality just as the labels get ready to kill Pandora!

Crackberry Kevin must be laughing...

JEREMY: He's playing John Mayer... he carries around a Bold...

Grid view. Browse by genre. The Office is back, baby!

Sends your music to the cloud, but completely anonymously. Social network aspect to mine/leverage user tastes to make GENIUS more... GENIUS-like?

Addresses big complaint of it being hard to "discover" music in iTunes...?

CHAD: "Genius" icons look different then smart playlists... they look like the Apple Genius logo

"Let's say you're listening to Bob Dylan, push GENIUS button, 25-100 songs recommended to you in sidebar..."

Accessibility, voice over, GENIUS! New way to browse...

JEREMY: No mention of HD content on the iPhone...

iTunes 8! iTunes 8! Kevin Rose drinking game is on!

CHAD: What is wrong with $1.99?

CHAD: NBC... OMGZ is finally back!

NBC is back on iTunes!

CHAD: HD TV Shows. $2.99... but why? I hate that.

HD TV on iTunes!

CHAD: iTunes is #1 Music distributor! Whoot!

CHAD: 3000 apps for iPhone/iPod Touch. Not bad, eh?

10:00: "We've got some exciting stuff!" Steve looks good!

CHAD: Steve is on stage!!!!

CHAD: Two iMacs are on stage? Hmm, what could Steve be showing?

9:55: They're in! Big honking white Apple logo.

9:45: Warming up the meta-blog, and Chad is getting ready to join us! (Crackberry Kevin has also chimed in, comment-style, to help keep us grounded -- thanks Kevin!)