Apple live streaming music event to test new data center?

Cult of Mac claims a source has told them Apple is live streaming today's special music event as a way to test their massive new, North Carolina data center, set to go fully operational later this year.

Apple’s first live video broadcast in years is a test of the server farm’s ability to stream a future version of iTunes for iOS devices, our tipster says.“The goal is to monitor traffic load and quality,” says our tipster, who asked to remain anonymous to preserve their connections at Apple.

Apple product events are the Oscars or Superbowls of the Internet, with traffic numbers high enough to take down the biggest sites, and sometimes entire data centers (plural). So if they're going to test something as bandwidth intensive as video, does it make sense to test it under the harshest conditions imaginable?

Either way, we'll find out soon enough how it holds up. Hey, why not watch along with us?

[Cult of Mac]

Rene Ritchie

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  • So are they streaming from the apple website?
  • How much traffic can they really be putting through this data center if they're only going to stream to Macs and iOS, though?
  • I doubt this is true. Something as popular as this live stream is most likely going to be distributed through the Akamai network or something similar so there is no single point of failure or cause of a bottleneck. Akamai already have experience with distributive Apple's HTTP streaming:
  • @Grant
  • I don't think this is meant to stress the network- just a gentle test hence only Mac an iOS.
  • Probably for satistical reasons also.
  • Anyone elses Mobile Me just sh!t the bed?
  • Not streaming yet in, although event has started... an error? very recurrent for apple..