Apple products in House of Cards

Apple is looking for a new manager of Buzz Marketing as part of their effort to expand brand awareness. While Apple's recent marketing efforts have shown how Apple's products could be used by anyone, the focus of the Buzz Marketing manager will be on getting high-profile exposure for those products, particularly in film and television. The manager, based out of New York, will work with television and film productions on Apple product placement, build relationships with high-profile users, such as actors, musicians, and athletes, and book events at the Apple Store in Soho.

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Buzz Marketing is behind events like the big celebrity selfie at this year's Oscars featuring a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, or the heavy use of Apple products in Netflix's House of Cards. Apple's Buzz Marketing program has been around for a couple of decades, having been created by former head of worldwide Buzz Marketing Suzanne Lindbergh, who departed from the company last October. The new Buzz Marketing manager will report to her successor.

Source: Apple

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