Apple mini-store opens inside B&H Photo in Manhattan

Mini Apple Stores have been found in big box retailer Best Buy for a few years now, but the opening of one in B&H Photo is much different. Unlike Best Buy, B&H is a single location, showing just how close the relationship between the two companies is. The mini-store features small facets of the Apple Retail experience, including the iconic wooden tables, AppleInsider notes:

The new Apple section of the B&H store features Apple's iconic wooden tables, with one showcasing the full Mac lineup, including the new 13-inch MacBook with Force Touch trackpad. Another table showcases Apple's iPod and iPad lineups, as well as Beats headphones.

B&H has been a go to location for photography nuts, and over the years they have expanded their product selection quite a bit. Currently they sell anything from camera gear to speakers and even Windows PC's, so seeing this mini Apple location pop up inside makes it a complete one-stop-shop location now.

Source: AppleInsider

Jared DiPane

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