Apple nabs Brie Larson for new series about undercover CIA operative

Brie Larson isn't just a hero in front of the camera. She's a hero behind the camera, too.

According to Variety, Larson is set to star in a straight-to-series drama about the life of Amaryllis Fox, who is gearing up to release a book about her experiences as an undercover CIA operative. Larson will produce the show as well as star.

The upcoming show will find Larson's character going through the ranks of the CIA and explore some of her most important relationships, as she lies and deceives during dangerous missions.

Larson has previously appeared in shows like United States of Tara and Raising Dad, and has since become a megastar, culminating in an Oscar for her starring role in The Room. Audiences will next see her take on the role of Captain Marvel on March 8, followed by Avengers: Endgame in April.

There's no word on when Larson's new spy drama will be available, but it's set to join a list of huge shows on Apple's streaming service, which the Cupertino company is rumored to unveil this spring.

Brandon Russell