Apple News AudioSource: 9to5Mac

What you need to know

  • A new upcoming feature of Apple News+ has been confirmed.
  • Apple News+ Audio has been spotted in the iOS 13.5.5 beta.
  • It could mean that going forward, News+ users will be able to listen to stories as well as read them.

Apple News+ Audio has been leaked in the iOS 13.5.5 beta, confirming that Apple is going to push out the new feature to users on iOS.

Last month, a report revealed that Apple might be working on an audio version of Apple News+ stories, a rumor now confirmed in the latest beta. As 9to5Mac reports:

We mentioned last month that Apple is working to offer audio stories for Apple News+ subscribers, and now we can confirm that with iOS 13.5.5 beta. Apple News+ Audio will be available through the existing News app, which will get a new "Audio" tab.

The interface is very similar to Apple News, but as the name suggests, users will have access to several recorded audio news instead of text. You can tap the Play button to listen to all the recent news, or choose a specific story to play.

A separate MacRumors report shows off the new Apple+News Audio icons as found in the beta.

Apple News AudioSource: 9to5Mac

The images from 9to5Mac reveal an audio play interface similar to Apple's 'Podcasts' app, including a 15-second skip back function and a minimized playback window. According to their report, beta code also suggests that the feature will support Siri and that users will be able to request the news on iOS or HomePod with vocal commands.

Apple News+ has really struggled to build momentum, and publishers have often cited disappointing revenue from the service. Could a new audio feature attract more users and improve the service? Let us know below!