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What you need to know

  • A report has revealed that Apple News+ continues to underwhelm publishers
  • One exec said that they were happy to be on the service, but that it wasn't a huge boom for business.
  • That exec also said that the service wasn't really relevant.

A report suggests that Apple News+ continues to underwhelm publishers, thanks to modest revenue and low subscriber numbers.

A report by Digiday states:

"...the early results so far indicate that Apple's move to offer a paid subscription service for news is having little impact on the bottom lines of publishers. While Apple News+ has helped with generating some additional revenue and reaching more international audiences, publishers indicate that the revenue generated from the initiative is, to date, modest."

According to the report, one publisher said that revenue generated was less than $20,000 a month, but that the pull to increase that revenue and add numbers might be enough to consider renewing the contract for another year. That exec added:

"We're happy to be on there because it's another way to increase subscription revenue, but it's not like it's a huge boon for our business or anything like that," ...It's not really relevant."

Not really relevant. The publisher Digiday interviewed also said that there was a lot of "heavy lifting" and extra work required in order to format their content for Apple's platform. Concerns were also raised about how it was more difficult to grow the audience of titles through Apple News+ by getting people to subscribe directly.

9 months into Apple News+' life span, it continues to be dogged by talk of promise, yet disappointment. In November, a CNBC report said that Apple News+ was struggling to attract subscribers and that its headcount had not changed materially from the 200,000 or so signups in the first 48 hours of its release. Recent reports have also suggested that Apple may be planning to bundle up News+ with its more attractice services, Apple Music and Apple TV+ as early as 2020. However, there have been no further rumblings on that front.