Apple News to bring New York Magazine's Lauren Kern on board as first editor-in-chief

Apple has reportedly named the first editor-in-chief for Apple News. Lauren Kern, Executive Editor for New York Magazine, has apparently been selected for the role.

From Politico:

Morning Media has learned that Apple has given the job — a new position at the Cupertino-based company — to Lauren Kern, one of New York magazine's most high-ranking editors and a former deputy editor at The New York Times Magazine.

Neither Apple or Kern have commented on this news, and as of yet, we don't know what it will mean for Apple News to have an editor-in-chief. For the most part, Apple News currently provides a central location from which you can read news from a wide selection of sources from around the world. But if Apple is hiring an editor-in-chief for Apple News, it suggests that they plan to take the service even further.

As to what that could mean, we can only speculate, though Apple could reveal its ambitions for News soon with the kickoff of WWDC 2017.