iPhone updateSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple released iOS 13.6 last week.
  • It's now stopped signing iOS 13.5.1.
  • That means nobody can downgrade anymore.

Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.5.1, a week after it made iOS 13.6 available to the public following its beta program. Anyone who wanted to downgrade from iOS 13.6 to iOS 13.5.1 is now out of luck.

Apple tends to stop signing older versions of iOS to avoid people downgrading for several reasons. It often wants to ensure that people are using the latest version of iOS wherever possible, but jailbreaking is also a key factor. People often downgrade to allow them to jailbreak their iPhone – and keeping people from doing that is one way to prevent jailbreakers from doing their thing.

Apple's iOS 13.6 release brought with it support for keyless locking, unlocking, and starting some BMW cars as well as the new Apple News+ Audio feature. It isn't a bad update to be stuck on, that's for sure.

So long as you aren't planning to jailbreak, of course.