Apple offers iOS device power adapter takeback program following electrocution reports

Apple announced late Monday its USB Power Adapter Takeback Program. The program begins Friday, August 16th and will allow iOS device owners with third-party power adapters to exchange them for an authentic Apple adapter for $10.

Recent reports have suggested that some counterfeit and third party adapters may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues. While not all third party adapters have an issue, we are announcing a USB Power Adapter Takeback Program to enable customers to acquire properly designed adapters.

The program has been started in the wake of two separate reports of people in China being electrocuted after using a counterfeit Apple adapter. It's no surprise, then, that the page detailing the program is available in both English and Chinese.

The program will be available at Apple retail stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers. They'll take care of the disposal of the third-party adapters. As you bring in your old adapter, you can buy one adapter for each iPhone, iPad and iPad you own; Apple will offer the program through October 18, 2013.

Peter Cohen