Apple Now Officially 1000x Smarter than RIM: Bono to Re-Design BlackBerrys

We previously mentioned that RIM was picking up Apple's leftovers and sponsoring U2's next tour under the BlackBerry brand. Seems even that wasn't enough for Bono. Not considering this quote he dumped on Canada's Globe & Mail (via BGR):

“I’m very excited about this. Research In Motion is going to give us what Apple wouldn’t — access to their labs and their people so we can do something really spectacular.”

Memo to Bono: you are not a product engineer. While you may also have a pseudo-Britannic accent, you're certainly not Jonathan Ive. You're a singer; and just lucky enough to live in a time when singers make tons of money rather than getting spoiled fruit thrown at them. Let's try putting this in a context you might better understand:

"Steve Jobs said U2 is letting him do what John Mayer never would: go into the recording studio and solo on their new album..."

And RIM, what are you thinking? Bono pretty much owns most of Palm these days, and even they won't let him in the labs. You're making tons of money. Leave the cheap celebrity debacles to LG...

Rene Ritchie

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