Apple opening up in-store recycling program to all products

Apple has been running a device recycling program for a while now for selected devices but is opening it up to everyone, everywhere. The Associated Press reports that the program will now take in devices at all of Apple's retail locations around the world:

Apple had already been distributing gift cards at some of its 420 worldwide stores in exchange for iPhones and iPods still in good enough condition to be resold. Now, all of the company's stores will recycle any Apple product at no charge. Gift cards won't be handed out for recycled products deemed to have little or no resale value.

The news follows Apple's new push on environmental strategy, with a new section of its website and video with Tim Cook debuting just yesterday. Apple can't make us recycle our old devices in a responsible manner, but it's a big deal that as a company it's at least doing its part.

Source: AP

Richard Devine

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