Apple-owned HopStop transit navigation service to shutdown in October

HopStop, a transit data service acquired by Apple in 2013, has announced that it will be shutting down in October. The company, which provided social transit navigation, is active in 7 countries and works with data from over 700 transit agencies. This shutdown news comes as Apple is preparing to rollout its own transit directions with iOS 9.

HopStop itself offers little information itself beyond a simple banner at the top of its website.

Apple's rollout of transit directions in iOS 9, starting in just a few days, will cover only a few cities across the world at first, arriving in more over time. It's likely that HotStop's data has played a major role in preparing in the rollout.

Source: HopStop; Via: Fortune

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  • Hop-Stop is dead.
    Long live Apple Maps Transit!
  • Why kill Hop-Stop, when Apple Transit will only get directions in a handful of American cities? There are hundreds of thousands of other people who rely on Hop Stop in other countries and in other American cities and it's really completely unlikely that Apple Maps will get even America-wide coverage for at least the rest of the year.
  • Won't be long before all those cities are back. As HopStop is more or less merging into Maps, the groundwork is done. You'll see :-) I've been using the developers beta since day 1 in a city with transit support in Maps, it's much better than HopStop ever was...
  • This was exactly my state of mind, but honestly, Transit app and Google Transit have long replaced the Hop-Stop app on my iPhone. We'll see how long it takes for apple to integrate transit in other cities (hoping iOS 9.1 adds more), but Google Maps won't be leaving my iPhone just yet.
  • They are in works of incorporationg the Hop-Stop to the Maps app... so basically, you'll not be needing the Hop-Stop app soon but the Maps App as your sole application for transit. All info you had on the HopStop will ne migrated to Maps. :)
  • This is disappointing. I have always used HopStop when I visit New York. I liked it better than Google Transit. I have not used Apples new Transit Maps but I hope that it works as well as HopStop did.