Apple won much of the decade in AdWeek's Best of 2000s Awards, which given their long and successive history of brilliant advertising shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to any of us in tech. And it starts right at the top with the big apple himself, Steve Jobs, Marketer of the Decade:

"Think different." The effort relaunched the Apple brand, but carried an equally important message: Steve was back. Visionary, iconoclastic and fearless, Steve Jobs the marketer is inseparable from Steve Jobs the personality. His inimitable blend of competitive skill and design savvy hasn't just saved a fading brand, it's recast two businesses that used to have nothing to do with computers: music and mobile phones.

Apple also took honors for Brand of the Decade, iPod for Product of the Decade, "Get a Mac" for Campaign of the Decade, "Silhouettes" (the iPod+iTunes commercials) for Out-of-Home Ad of the Decade, and "Nike Plus" for Digital Campaign of the Decade.

Phew. Hope Steve had Phil Schiller help him cart away those trophies!