Apple Owns the Decade on AdWeek's Marketing Awards

Apple won much of the decade in AdWeek's Best of 2000s Awards, which given their long and successive history of brilliant advertising shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to any of us in tech. And it starts right at the top with the big apple himself, Steve Jobs, Marketer of the Decade:

"Think different." The effort relaunched the Apple brand, but carried an equally important message: Steve was back. Visionary, iconoclastic and fearless, Steve Jobs the marketer is inseparable from Steve Jobs the personality. His inimitable blend of competitive skill and design savvy hasn't just saved a fading brand, it's recast two businesses that used to have nothing to do with computers: music and mobile phones.

Apple also took honors for Brand of the Decade, iPod for Product of the Decade, "Get a Mac" for Campaign of the Decade, "Silhouettes" (the iPod+iTunes commercials) for Out-of-Home Ad of the Decade, and "Nike Plus" for Digital Campaign of the Decade.

Phew. Hope Steve had Phil Schiller help him cart away those trophies!

Rene Ritchie

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