Apple partners with Yellow Pages for Maps business listings in Canada

Apple has partnered with Yellow Pages in Canada to expand its data for Canadian businesses in Maps. The data provided by Yellow Pages includes addresses, geolocation data, phone number, business type, operation hours, and photos. Yellow Pages has data on about 1.8 million businesses in Canada.

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From Yellow Pages:

"We are pleased to bring our local business listings data to Apple Maps" said Matthieu Houle, Vice-President, Digital Media of Yellow Pages. "This is another proof point in our company's digital transformation and provides added value for Yellow Pages clients and listings through visibility, traffic and leads. Our business listings content is now available to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch and Mac users, allowing them to search, find, contact and navigate to over a million business locations in Canada using Apple Maps."

While Apple is reportedly making an effort to reduce its reliance on partners, for now, it takes partnerships to make improvements in areas where Maps is weak.

Source: Yellow Pages; Via: iPhone In Canada

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