Rumor: Apple planning media event in New York later this month

According to All Things D, Apple is set to hold a media event in New York later this month. The news comes from sources close to the situation who told All Things D that the event is not related to the iPad 3 or a new Apple TV.

According to sources close to the situation, Apple is planning an important — but not large-scale — event to be held in New York at the end of this month that will focus on a media-related announcement.

The event will supposedly feature Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue who last attended an event when The Daily was launched last year. This could point to a similar announcement or it may even have something to do with the strange GameStore app that appeared in the App Store earlier today then vanished.

There is nothing official coming fom Apple just yet, but as soon as we hear more, we will let you know!

Source: AllThingsD


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  • The GameStore app is from 2009 for god's sake!
  • So what? Apple works on products and services for years. It's likely it's been in development for years. Which is normal for any company. Can't wait to what this announcement will be!
  • Super infortaimve writing; keep it up.
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  • The next one blog posting regarding this will read: "Rumored Apple Media Event Rumored to be Cancelled"
  • Reality apple wouldn't admit to an iPad event until at least Jan 27. They would wait till the 30 day return policy has expired on all the iPad 2's that were opened on Christmas day and bought with Christmas money the next day.
  • Yes! I'm not the only one who says "misunderestimated"!