Apple planning to present at the Black Hat security conference

Apple is reportedly planning to present at this year's Black Hat security conference. This is unprecedented for Apple, who has never attended the conference before. According to Bloomberg:

Dallas De Atley, manager of Apple’s platform security team, is scheduled to give a presentation on key security technologies within iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads.

As the popularity of OS X increases, and as iOS has become one of the biggest platforms on the planet, Apple is under increasing pressure. They've managed to avoid most of the malware and security exploits that have plagued other platforms, but they've also faced everything from Mac trojans to in-app security man-in-the-middle attacks.

Apple has been criticized in the past for not taking security seriously enough, or responding fast enough to vulnerabilities. However, Apple has has made a series of security improvements over the last few years.

Microsoft first spoke at Black Hat in 1998. Google in 2010. There aren't many details yet of what Apple or De Atley will be speaking about, but it's good to see them engaging with the community on such an important issue.

Rene Ritchie

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