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OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion preview video

Here's the an unofficial version of the official OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion preview video, showcasing some of the 100 new features Apple plans to include in the upcoming version of their desktop OS.

With Mountain Lion, Apple is moving even further into merging the experience between the iPad and the desktop, integrating features like Messages, Notification Center, Reminders and more.

Apple's version isn't embeddable at the moment so we're including one from YouTube. We'll update with an official version if/when Apple releases it.

Source: YouTube

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  • Nice. Can't say how much we love the Reminders app. Its purpose is fairly mundane. But its design is intuitive, clean, and straightforward while still being sophisticated and deep. And yes, it's pixel-perfect. Those are all worthy goals for any software designer.
  • This is awesome! Can't wait for it
  • So much on the software. Tim, please get rid of Intel HD3000's GPU and bring back the NVIDIA and will you send along a USB installer like it used to be on the Snow Leopard, along with new macs. Don't be a cheapskate. You have nearly $100 billion in cash and cash equivalents in your balance sheets.