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Apple Posts "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" Keynote Stream

If you just happened to miss today's video of the "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" keynote or just so happen to be having issues downloading the full 850MB podcast feed like I am, jump on over to Apple's site and instantly view it in it's entirety via Quicktime stream.

Sure good to see Steve back...

  • Can we see this on our iphones?
  • Here's the direct link, should work on iPhone and iPod touch:
  • Thanksz…
  • Doesnt werk for sum reason :-(
  • It won't work for iPhones at all and the Apple Keynotes is not working. What up with that??
    Btw "The iPhone Blog" doesn't display like it would on an iPhone. I can only see the full site why is that?
  • @Ageman
    Seems like the Web version of TiPb takes a holiday every time there is a live-blog event. It might be that they can't do the live-feed in mobile view, so they turn it off for a day.
    Don't know, but that's my guess.
  • @Icebike
    Yeah I thought about that ever since this morning when I opened the page up in Safari. The meta-blog thing didn't displayed right so it might have been that.
    I just checked and the video is working now from that link!
  • iPhone version of TiPb is back up. We can't crank up the server cache without breaking the optimized version, so we temporarily disable it when we expect heavy loads. (Which today was ;) )