Apple preparing better iDisk service?

We're just over an hour away from the Back to the Mac event, and Daring Fireball is saying Apple is working on an improved iDisk service:

I’ve heard rumors of a “Dropbox-killer” service from Apple, possibly a part of Mac OS X 10.7. I don’t know if it made the cut

It needs to make the cut though, and soon. I've stopped using iDisk in favor of DropBox and I know many others have as well. MobileMe has gotten better mail and a better calendar but it desperately needs a better storage solution. Even Microsoft's Mesh/Sync/Toy/Live/Stuff bring more, if confused, features to the table.

I'd like to see faster, more automagical sync. A file system that can be backed up by utilities like SuperDuper. Versioning. Selective sync/mirroring within a folder. Windows support. True photo sync. How about you? What's on your iDisk dream list?

Daring Fireball

Rene Ritchie

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