We're just over an hour away from the Back to the Mac event, and Daring Fireball is saying Apple is working on an improved iDisk service:

I’ve heard rumors of a “Dropbox-killer” service from Apple, possibly a part of Mac OS X 10.7. I don’t know if it made the cut

It needs to make the cut though, and soon. I've stopped using iDisk in favor of DropBox and I know many others have as well. MobileMe has gotten better mail and a better calendar but it desperately needs a better storage solution. Even Microsoft's Mesh/Sync/Toy/Live/Stuff bring more, if confused, features to the table.

I'd like to see faster, more automagical sync. A file system that can be backed up by utilities like SuperDuper. Versioning. Selective sync/mirroring within a folder. Windows support. True photo sync. How about you? What's on your iDisk dream list?

Daring Fireball