Apple publishes Earth Day videos on solar farms, wasteful packaging, and fake sweat

With Earth Day coming up, Apple has published a set of short videos explaining the basics of some of the company's environmental initiatives. Each video lasts about a minute and covers a different topic, and, according to Mashable, they were all illustrated by hand by James Blagden.

First, we have a video about Apple's solar farms. The video explains how the 40-megawatt solar farms that power various Apple facilities across China do so without disrupting the other uses of the land they occupy.

The company also delves into its efforts reduce waste produced by its assembly partners, and how the effort all began because of stacks of plastic packaging.

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In this video, Apple's Rob Guzzo reveals what goes into testing products to ensure that the materials used are safe for you to use. As it turns out, 30 gallons of artificial sweat.

Apple's final Earth Day video details how the company's new Apple Park campus keeps cool using natural air movement and water pipes.

So what do you think of these Earth Day videos from Apple? Let us know down in the comments.