Apple Q1 2015 results coming 4:30pm ET, call at 5pm ET — be here!

If you're interested in AAPL the stock as much as you are Apple the company, then this is your reminder that Q1 2015 earnings will be announced at 1:30pm PT, 4:30pm ET this afternoon with the usual conference call to follow at 2pm PT. iMore will be providing our usual color and commentary before, during, and after.

Fortune has compiled the following average estimates from 20 pro and 15 amateur analysts, reminding us once again that only companies with oligopoly control over fossil fuel resources typically make more in a quarter, and even then, only a very few.

  • Earnings of $2.68 per share (up nearly 30% year over year) on
  • Revenues of $68.7 billion (up nearly 20%).
  • That revenue estimate is a couple billion above the top of Apple's guidance ($66.5 billion) and those quarterly earnings >- could go into the record books as the biggest in U.S. corporate history — bigger than Exxon's $15 billion third quarter in >- 2008.

If you want to get your estimates in, hurry over to the comments. Otherwise tune in here this afternoon for our complete coverage!

Rene Ritchie

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