Apple Q3 2010 financial results - 8.4 million iPhones, 9.4 million iPods, 3.3 million iPads

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Apple has just reported their Q3 2010 financial results and -- wow -- record revenue of $15.7 billion and net quarterly profit of $3.25 billion. 8.4 million iPhones (61% growth over the year-ago quarter), 9.41 million iPods (8% decline), 3.27 million iPads (first quarter of sales).

“It was a phenomenal quarter that exceeded our expectations all around, including the most successful product launch in Apple’s history with iPhone 4,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iPad is off to a terrific start, more people are buying Macs than ever before, and we have amazing new products still to come this year.”“We’re really pleased to have generated over $4 billion of cash during the quarter,” said Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO. “Looking ahead to the fourth fiscal quarter of 2010, we expect revenue of about $18 billion and we expect diluted earnings per share of about $3.44”

The results themselves are from a period before the "antennagate" issues -- before iPhone 4 went on sale even -- but the Q&A after the conference call will likely address at least some of it, especially as it relates to projections for next quarter earnings.

The audio stream will be available via starting 5pm ET.

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