Apple Q3 2013 earnings call to take place July 23, 5PM ET

Apple's next earnings call will be held on Tuesday July 23, at 5PM ET/2PM PT following the Q3 2013 earnings release that day. Typically on these types of calls, we'll be treated to a series of prepared statements by CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer, and it's always good to hear Tim Cook speak. Oh, and there'll likely be the standard question and answer session at the end.

The good news is that the call will be streamed live on the web, and anyone with an iOS device on 4.2 and up, a Mac on OS X 10.5 and above or a PC running QuickTime 7 can listen along as it happens. iMore will of course be bringing you full coverage as it all goes down. Any predictions?

Source: Apple

Richard Devine

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