Apple raises $20 million for AIDS research with Product Red initiative

It looks like Apple's Product Red initiative turned out to be a major success. In total, the tech juggernaut reportedly raised more than $20 million for AIDS research through donations from portions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday proceeds, as well as partnerships with (RED)-branded apps.

The amount gathered was detailed in an email obtained by Recode from Apple CEO Tim Cook to employees:

"I'm thrilled to announce that our total donation for this quarter will be more than $20 million — our biggest ever — bringing the total amount Apple has raised for (PRODUCT) RED to over $100 million," Cook wrote. "The money we've raised is saving lives and bringing hope to people in need. It's a cause we can all be proud to support."

Source: Recode

Dan Thorp-Lancaster
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  • This is good news! I know I bought a few apps that I had been considering, as well as a bunch of IAPs during the (RED) time window.