Apple really doesn't like their antitrust monitor; attempts to put his work on hold

Apple is once again asking a federal appeals court to grant a stay on the work of court-appointed antitrust monitor, Michael Bromwich. While a temporary reprieve was granted two weeks ago, Apple hopes that the court will put Bromwich's work on hold until its decided whether or not he should have been placed at Apple to begin with. While the government argues that the monitor is needed to prevent Apple from violating antitrust regulations again, Apple's attorneys argue that Bromwich's presence is unnecessary, and harmful to Apple's business, according to Reuters:

"We can't turn back the clock," said Theodore Boutrous, a lawyer for Apple, in explaining why the company would suffer irreparable harm if the monitor is allowed to continue before the appeals court has a chance to decide whether his appointment was appropriate in the first place.

Do you think that Apple needs an antitrust monitor, or did the court overreach by placing him at the company? Sound off below in the comments.

Source: Reuters

Joseph Keller

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