Adding to MobileMe issues, casing cracks, and 2.0 problems (Apple sure has a lot on their plate), it looks like the ultracompact and ultra-cute USB power adapter is being recalled.

The reason for the recall? Apple is saying that the metal prongs may break off and remain embedded in the power outlet which creates a risk of electrical shock. Apple strongly states that users should stop using these adapters until they are exchanged for the new version. The exchange program starts October 10th so Apple suggests charging via USB on your computer until then.

It hurts to say but it looks like us early adopters for the iPhone 3G got bit hard. Previous Apple products had all these little nuggets that made Apple a breath of fresh air in a stale PC-world. But with the iPhone 3G it seemed like all the adorable qualities that made Apple, Apple, got lost and got worse. Luckily it looks like Apple is tidying the ship on all of these issues.

Click the Read Link to see the full details directly from Apple.


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