Apple relaxes 3-device limitation for employee friends and family purchases

Whether you take this as a sign that Apple inventory levels are now in better balance, or simply that Apple is feeling a little more generous with their employees, it looks like the previous 3-device limit on friends and family purchases has been relaxed. Now, before you start looking for pop-up sales next to your local lemonade stand, reasonable limits on EPP 15% discount program purchases are still in place. What's reasonable? According to people at Apple who noticed the policy change:

Use your discretion when determining "reasonable quantities" purchases for friends and family. There isn't a specific number limit -- it's a judgment call. For example, buying iPod devices as gifts for your nieces and nephews at a 15 percent discount is fine. However, advertising a 15 percent discount on Apple products for all of your Facebook friends is not. If you have questions about what is considered reasonable, contact your HR representative.

Looks like a nice way to help employees and their loved ones save a little cash, while returning some of it right back to Apple as well. Don't everyone with a friend or family member at Apple start pestering them all at once.