Apple releases iPhoto 9.2, Aperture 3.2 with Photo Stream support

Again, for iOS 5 users who also use Mac OS X, Apple is providing updates to enable iCloud on the desktop, with Photo Stream now up and running in iPhoto 9.2 and Aperture 3.2.

Hit Software Update if you got them the old fashioned way, or head on over to the Mac App Store if you're all new and fancy.

And then come back and let us know how they work for you!

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  • Anyone know how to update to this build from the beta build? Tried software update but there is no update to be found.
  • If you find this out, do let someone know. My update isn't showing up either.
  • Go to iPhoto app and go to show package contents - then go to version.plist then change from 9.2 to 9.1.2 - reboot Mac - check update.
    Warning iPhoto updates to 9.2 but crashes with 2 min of opening
  • Does it stop crashing or does it always crash when you open it? And is your library file intact?
  • Yes, every time I launch iPhoto it crashes fast. Only way to fix is to disable photo stream.. I did this by launching Aperture then enable photo stream from it.. Only 1 app can photo stream.. After this iPhoto will launch and work.. Yet no photo stream..
  • So, I have iPhoto 6.x. This seems to obviously mean that I will not be able to use iCloud to have my photos pushed to my Mac, right? How do I get iPhoto 9?
    Edit: Hmm... I guess I buy it ($14.99 in Mac App store) or possibly get Lion. Phooey.
  • I have 9.15 and it won't update. Any suggestions? It says I have the most recent version
  • If I enable photostream iPhoto crashes.. Only fix for me was to launch aperture enable photo stream which removes enablement from iPhoto.
    Basically iPhoto does not work with photo stream..