Apple releases iWork for iOS betas for developers, includes iCloud support

Apple has released new iCloud-enabled betas for their iWork apps -- Keynote, Pages, and Numbers to developers. The betas, available exclusively through Apple's iOS developer portal, are universal apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and no additional features other than iCloud support appear to have been added.

Documents in the Cloud was one of the key iCloud features announced by Steve Jobs at WWDC and the iWork for iOS beta apps are the first test implementation of that feature.

The beta apps come in a DMG file and need to be extracted, dragged to iTunes 10.5 beta 4, and then synced over to an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 5 beta 4. (And yes, it's somewhat ironic the first iCloud enabled versions of iWork can't be installed OTA over iCloud, but this is a beta, right?)

Note: It looks like some people aren't having luck syncing the iWork apps over, or wait for them to sync only to watch them disappear immediately after syncing. We're not sure what's causing that, and what's allowing for successful syncs, but let us know how you fair in the comments.

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