Apple reminds developers to start using the renewed security certificate

Apple has sent out a reminder to developers to update their dated security certifications for Apple Wallet, Safari push notifications or Safari extensions by February 14. The new Apple trusted certificate will expire in February 2023 and developers are strongly urged to include their renewed intermediate certificate, as well as their website push certificate in new Safari Push Notification package signatures by the aforementioned date.

"As a reminder, the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority Intermediate Certificate expires on February 14, 2016, and the renewed intermediate certificate, along with your website push certificate, must be included in all new Safari Push Notification push package signatures by this date. To make sure that new users are able to sign up to receive notifications, update and test your server with the renewed certificate."

iOS users shouldn't notice anything when developers make the switch, though those on OS X versions 10.11 or 10.11.1 may need to give their machine a quick reboot. Should users be rocking 10.6.8, they'll need to install a software update. Developers can download the renewed certificate directly from Apple. The company has more information available on its website.

Rich Edmonds